Bangladesh, a land of thousands of years of heritage... teeming with people belonging to diverse cultures from different parts of the world...blessed with nature’s finest offers. For centuries from West Europe to the Far-East people have been coming to this land of wealth. Those who have not visited this country are not aware of what they have missed.

Bangladesh is an independent country since 1971. It is densely populated, yet full of life and vigor; successful in maintaining a steady economic growth and a stable society. Dr. Muhammad Yunus has made the country proud by winning NOBEL Peace prize.

North, East, West: bordered by India. South: washed by the Bay of Bengal, where the three great rivers, the Panda, the Megna and the Jamuna end their journey, making Bangladesh a riverine delta.

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh founded by the Mughals in 1608, it was once known as the “City of Mosques”. Dhaka today looks vibrant with more vehicles rushing through old and new Dhaka.

Shopping is fun in Dhaka. Trinkets and gifts are easily found in any traditional shop and the new shopping malls; you may also choose to browse to open markets for the best bargains.

There are many interesting sites in Dhaka worth visiting. Some important places are the University of Dhaka (1921), the Armenian Church (1781), and the Royal Ahan Manzil (1859). While visiting Ahsan Manzil, don’t forget to experience the bustling Sadarghat River port, on the bank of the river Buriganga.

Sonargaon, the Golden city and the Bengal capital till 1611, the National Mausoleum at Savar which commemorates the martyrs of liberation war in 1971. The National Parliament House, the master piece of the great architect Louis I khan.