The Comoros Islands are located at the northern entrance to the strait near Mozambique. The island has always been the focus of the peoples, who inhabited this region. Back in the early days of mankind, it is believed to have been the place where the first people in the islands appeared. The kinship of the ancient population of the island with Polynesian contemporary cultures is confirmed by numerous archaeological finds. There have been strong trade ties, established between the inhabitants of the Comoros and the ancient civilizations of Asia. The unique wildlife of the island is known throughout the world.

The natural character and uniqueness of these islands is manifested in numerous lava fields and the chaos of rocks, framed by thickets of vegetation. The flora and fauna of these places are beautiful, and there are many species of rare plants and animals. The islands are home to more than 60 species of endemic plants and 37 species of animals, that are not found in any other places on the planet. The ocean waters of the coastal zone of the Comoros have become known due to some of the most ancient forms of life on Earth. Comoros continues to remain one of the most exotic regions of the world. And the fact that they are seldom visited contributes to the preservation of the natural beauty of the islands. They remain quite underdeveloped in terms of tourism and differ from all the islands of the region.

Comoros attractions are not as enticing as those of Asia or Europe. But at the same time, they may well be attractive to the tourists, who want a break from the troubles of the modern metropolis. The largest in the Comoros and the youngest city is Moroni. It is located on Grande Comore island. It is also known worldwide as the Port-au-Boutroux. Its large and colorful bazaar is the main attraction of the capital. Also, the city's many historic sights are represented by mosques. Moroni has one more popular destination, the port of Medina, which is located in the old Arab quarter. Lemons and oranges grow in the inner courtyards of the houses. Near the shores of the harbor, there are numerous boats and ships, which the locals use to go fishing in the sea.

The city of Mitsudje is known for the workshops of the wood industry. It is located south of Medina. The city is associated with wooden gifts, boxes, souvenirs, and carved doors of the most expensive breeds of local wood. Mitsudje is known for its special ancient tombstones with a skilful pattern. The locals believe that there is a grave of the saint in the cemetery. This saint is known to have promised to protect the inhabitants of the village from evil spirit.

The beautiful palace of Sultan can be seen in the city of Mutsamudu. There are also picturesque waterfalls near the city center. Tourists are often recommended to visit the plant for production of alcoholic beverages in Bombua. Wine and rum are prepared here on the basis of the fruits of ylang-ylang. A popular walking tour is offered around the ancient city of Hari-Ya-Muji. There are many ancient palaces of the 17th-18th centuries, in which the descendants of the Sultans live even today. Of special interest are the national holidays, which are frequently associated with religious traditions of Islam. For example, the ceremony of 'Grand Mariage' lasts for 18 days and is unlike anything else in the world. The groom is often left in poverty for the rest of his life after the holiday, as he pays for the ceremony, whereto all the residents and relatives are invited. But that is the only way for him to earn their respect and social status.

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