Rio de Janeiro is known for many things,






among many other things, but the one that comes to everybody's head is CARNIVAL

This is the biggest event that happen in Rio de Janeiro once a year and is the celebration in which everybody is looking forward during the whole year

People has been working or looking forward for it quite a lot, as we also take it as a competition between samba schools.

When coming to Rio de Janeiro, you should book in advance your airplane ticket and accommodation as regular, but it is also required to buy your ticket to the Sambodrome as well, as you might find that you dont have any space available

The best place to stay within the budget is the Sector 9, where you have seats and it is in a great location, as you will see the best performance of the samba dancers and drummers righ infront of you, as they will stop in that area.

Besides Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, there are many other events in the Brazil, and places where they celebrate carnival, such as SAlvador, Olinda, or even, we have the famous out of season carnival, which we call 'Carnaval fora de epoca'

Dont miss the chance to come visit the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro with Adventure World, as we know how to make you experience it properly,

Looking forward to hear from you!!!