Boracay Island is about 310 km south of metro Manila and is located in the western visayas area slightly north of Panay Island. Its a small tropical island, about 40-60 minutes flight time away from the capital of the Philippines. Most people choose to fly to this holiday destination but there are several alternatives available, checkout our how to get there page.

People who are looking for a pure relaxtion holiday, with a postcard perfect beach, hotels and resorts right on the sand, massages and cocktails on the beach, sunshine, nature and value for money often choose Boracay Island. It has been voted the second best beach in the world for its pure white sand lined with coconut trees and perfectly clear flat fresh turquoise water. It really is a perfect paradise beach.

The best time to visit Boracay is from November - May, this is the dry season so expect clear blue skies and sunshine everyday. The rest of the year can be very windy and rainy, perfect if your a kite surfer or windsurfer but not so good if your looking to get a suntan.

The island is divided into 3 main parts along the famous white beach (the main beach), station 1, station 2, station 3. All of the action takes place along the beach pathway which is filled with cozy restaurants, bamboo/native style bars, cafes, resorts & hotels.

Station 1 is where you will find boracay resorts and hotels that cater to the upper market, expect 5 star establishments in this area, including luxury villas on the beach. This part of the island has a wider beach and it is the most tranquil part of the island (although all areas are extremely tranquil).

station 2 & 3 are the main areas of the island, this is where d'mall and most of the restaurants are located (all along the beach), station 2 is the busiest area and station 3 is where alot of expats live and is home to alot of the smaller hotels.

For a full online guide about the island, where to eat, where to stay and what to do, including a full island printable map, you can checkout the official boracay guide website here - BORACAY GUIDE