Belize is another exotic place for the tourists to visit. The capital of Belize, Belmopan, belongs to the youngest cities of the world. Its construction started in the 1970-s, after the devastating hurricane caused significant damage to Belize City, the former capital of the country. Belmopan was erected not far from the old capital, in the geographical center of the country. The location of the new capital is much less susceptible to disasters. Belmopan was built among the jungle forests in the foothills of the Maya Mountains and became a modern city. It is characterized by a great number of government agencies, banks, restaurants and gambling establishments. The people, who inhabit the city, belong to all ethnic groups. Accordingly, one can surely come across a variety of cultural traditions. The city itself has got a nickname of 'Belizean Babylon.'

The landmarks of Belizean capital include government buildings, the University of Belize, the impressive building of Belmopan National Assembly and the colorful buildings of many banks. Unique exhibits can be observed in the City Museum near the market. A huge number of large parks make Belmopan a true 'garden city' where one can rest in the shadow. Not far from the capital, there is Guanacaste National Park. It impresses the visitors with a variety of wildlife and vegetation.

The old capital of the country, Belize City, was settled by the British in the 18th century, at the place where the Belize River runs into the Caribbean Sea. Marshes were transformed into the first European city in the country, which is sometimes called British Honduras. An important transportation and commercial hub of Belize, its cultural and historical treasury, Belize City is considered a symbol of the country and its unofficial capital. It is divided into two parts, separated by Oulover creek as a natural border. Both parts of the city are combined by a picturesque promenade, with pretty two- and three-storey houses decorating it.

The northern part of Belize City deserves attention due to the wooden buildings in colonial style, the old fire station, the Coastal Zone Museum exhibiting the ecology of reefs and the Maritime Museum with a collection of instruments of navigation. Fort George and its lighthouse serve as a symbol of the country's history.

The waters around the local reefs are among the most exciting places in the world for swimming, snorkeling and sea fishing. Water clarity is so impressive, that one can see all the diversity of the local marine life without diving.

The ruins of the ancient city of Karakol Vaca Plateau are one of the Mayan attractions of the country. The excavations of this ancient city have revealed more than thirty major buildings and a dozen of smaller ones that are open to the public. The unique samples of hieroglyphic writing tell the world about the war between Tikal and Karakol. Request your Belize tour operator to arrange an excursion on these Mayan heritage sites.

Shunantunich is the archaeological pride of Belize. Located on top of a sloping hill near the village not far from Belmopan, the fortress flourished in the 6-8th centuries and was a major ceremonial center of the Maya empire. In the western area one can also find the settlement of San Antonio, 'the last Mayan town', with its museum of Tana, the archaeological site of El Pilar, and the ruins of one of the last bastions of resistance to the Spanish conquerors.

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