Every nation has their amateur, novice and experienced hunters and fishermen. Let’s face it, these two activities have been taking place for thousands of years and they shall continue for a long time to come. But how many of them have had local, indigenous tribes teach them the methods of Africa? Now this is a bragging right none of your friends or fellow hunter/fishermen can speak of.

Come, learn, hunt and fish. We have experienced tribal hunters/fishermen/gatherers along with us whom are thrilled to show you the ways of the Maasai. A tribe which even the Lions fear. The best part is these skills go home with you. With the new methods they will teach you, you will return home more knowledgeable than before you arrived, with a few more tricks in your bag as well.

Amazing Kilimanjaro Tours and Travel start off our specialized expedition visiting and learning the ways of the Maasai. We want you to experience the culture at its finest. We show you where they live, how they adapted to their specific environment and the skills they picked up along the way.

The Maasai will take you thru a course on the traditional Bow & Arrow and instruct you with tips in shooting, properly holding the Bow (Maasai Method) and tracking skills.

Once out and about, we will start the tour off fishing at Lake Victoria. Africa’s LARGEST lake. With an abundance of different fish species for you to enjoy. Along with a local spot which is a favorite of many, our beloved Lake Eyasi. Here, they will also teach you the fishing methods of the Maasai as well.

In regards to hunting they chosen animals here are Baboon, Squirrel, Deer, Thomson Gazelle, Grant Gazelle, Wathrogh (Boar) and a wide variety of birds native to these areas.

The Maasai trained hunters will accompany the adventure as well, offering many excellent tips from generations of experience. They will show you what to look for in tracking and just as important, what to listen for. These are skills honed over generations and have been perfected. Perfect for the avid hunter who would like to improve on the skillset.

For this group, we put a special emphasis on our gatherings at meal time. We bring out a full array of local spices and vegetables to ensure best flavoring possible when we catch our fish. We will have an assortment of drinks in addition to local cooking to accommodate the meals. You will be able to experience the freshest of fish from Lake Victoria as we will cook it up shortly after catching. Our chef we bring along with us can season it to your liking as well.

During the meals, we will have our Maasai hunters go over different techniques for hunting, fishing and trapping. We can share good stories about some of our best hunts and drink beer while doing it. African style.