Founded in the 1880, Kuala Lumpur is considered a young city. But it is full of cultures. It is a place where you could hear the call of muezzin near a Chinese market, see colorful Hindu temples all over the city center, savor on gourmet food on the streets and dine lavishly on the many international restaurants in its modern malls.

To know more about Kuala Lumpur, makes sure you do not miss these 3 places.

1.The Islamic Arts Museum

Why go to a Muslim country when you do not take time to learn more about the culture, belief or the thinking that shapes the nation ?

Built by Syed Bukhari Mokhtar, who is the richest Muslim in the nation, the majestic white Islamic Arts Museum houses replicas of Muslim holy places, crafts and wares as well as examples of the contributions made to the world of science by the followers of the faith.

Among the attractions here are holy books the size of your thumb, beautiful example of the Ottoman doors as well as vases and ornaments built in Muslim kingdoms from all over the world.

2.Batu Caves Temple

In contrast to the serene and secluded Islamic Museum lies the Batu Caves Temple. This is a place where you should be ready to fleck your muscles.

Housed in a 400 million years old limestone caves, the shrine complex is considered known to be among the most important Hindu holy places outside of India. It is also the area where over 10,000 Hindus flock during Thaipusam.

But you need the stamina of an athlete to see these temple because you have to scale over 250 steps and dodge mischievous monkeys around the stairs before you could take a look at the inside of the caves.

If you come here around Thaipusam, you’ll be able to see Hindu pilgrims in trance state carry kavadis as a symbol of gratefulness to Lord Murugan for answering their prayers.

3.KLCC Twin Towers

If Egypt has the pyramids and the United States has the Statue of Liberty, Kuala Lumpur is proud to declare that she has the KLCC Twin Towers.

Also called the two metallic rockets by locals, the twin towers is home to international companies, posh shopping mall, a world class petroleum bases children touch-museum as well as an underground oceanarium.

In short, if your vacation is short and you need to cover many places in as little time possible, this is where you should start

So, there you go. Those are the 3 places that you must visit once you get to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The KLCC is important to learn the aspiration of the modern Malaysia, the Batu Caves complex serves as a testament to religious freedom in the Muslim-led country while the Islamic Arts Museum is the place to learn more about Islam from the Islamic perspective.

Next time you think of going to Asia, put Kuala Lumpur in your mind. See you in Kuala Lumpur!