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Tashkent 22nd Annual International Tourism Fair, October 2016

08 Oct 2016

Tripcook participated in the 22nd Tashkent Tourism Fair in Uzbekistan. The fair is devoted to the promotion of international tourism in Uzbekistan, its neighbouring countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, and wider region of the so called Great Silk Road, an ancient path that once connected China and India with Western Europe.

Logo of Tashkent Tourism International Fair

In the past years, Silk Road has become the major project for the countries along this trade channel. The countries are attempting to revive the route by creating new infrastructure, roads, railways, and facilitating the transport modalities and regimes in all Central Asian countries.

Uzbekistan has undertaken a number of initiatives to promote tourism on the Silk Road and the country even agreed with UNWTO to establish a regional office in Samarkand. The objectives are to further develop the infrastructure and environment for tourism development along the Silk Road. A representative of UNWTO, Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, Executive Director for Technical Cooperation and Services, commented extensively on the developments of mutual cooperation between Uzbekistan and UNWTO, and described the latest trends in global tourism industry.

Mr. Farrukh Rizayev, Chairperson of UzbekTourism, Uzbekistan Tourism Authority

Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, Representative of UNWTO at the Tashkent Tourism International Fair

Mrs. Eumporn Jiragalwisul from Moscow Office, Thailand Tourism Authority

The Tashkent Fair is an annual event where dozens of travel businesses meet and discuss cooperation for the upcoming year. They are mostly represented by privately owned companies, even though big government-run companies are among the exhibitors too, such as the National Company Uzbekistan Khavo Yullari (Uzbekistan Airways) and Uzbek Railways.

Booth of Uzbekistan Airways

Booth of Uzbekistan Railways

Business Talks
The three-days fair is a convenient way to make new contacts and negotiate better rates for a new tourist season.

Traditionally, the premises of the Exhibition center are also filled with participants representing the vast tourism and services sector of Uzbekistan, including numerous dance and song performers in traditional Uzbek style and a great number of regional styles and schools of dance and folklore singing.

Traditional Uzbek concert

Uzbek dancers in golden-woven gowns

Uzbek dancers in traditional Khan-Atlas gowns

Uzbek girl with dutar near a Nomadic Yurt

Even small children are part of the show

Girls in festival dresses

A Tourism Manager

Also, the Fair is the venue where artisans and handcraft masters present their pieces of art. Uzbek handicrafts are famous all around Central Asia, with their skills and techniques going back to the depth of centuries. Such methods and techniques are carefully kept in families and inherited by new generations of artisans from their parents.

Traditional Uzbek dolls and woven clothings

Table cloths and napkins

More dolls and skull-caps

A respected man

Glazed Ceramics

Traditional colors of Rishtan glazed ceramics

Uzbek table knives

Uzbek Rugs

The report from the International Tourism Fair (5-7 Oct 2016) has been made by Tripcook with the extensive support of Uzbek Tour Operator Aba Sayyoh. Photos and videos in this article are property of Tripcook. Usage and reproduction of the above material is allowed provided that an active hyperlink is available to Tripcook.
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