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European travel destinations: Denmark

Denmark is a very special country in Northern Europe. It is often said that Danes themselves are one of the country’s main attractions. They are typically very friendly, open and funny. Danes are living at the crossroads of the Scandinavian, Baltic and European cultures. This certainly helps to be open in terms of boundaries and outside cultural influences. The key to the hearts of Danes is the word "hygge", which can be understood as a combination of well-being, warmth and intimacy…

A map of Denmark.

Traveling to Denmark is just as easy as going to the neighboring town. A one-day trip by car or by train can take you to any place in Denmark. Such convenience has become especially possible after the construction of a new bridge over the Great Belt.

Copenhagen is definitely worth an extensive visit. The capital of Denmark is famous for its numerous steeples, towers and bells. The most significant sights include the Amalienborg Palace complex built in the 18th century. Here, four identical buildings are located opposite to each other in an octagonal area, with an elegant equestrian statue of Federico V in the middle.

Denmark: Copenhagen's New Harbor

Nearby is the famous Marble Cathedral. Its 100ft diameter dome is very similar to the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. The most charming district of Copenhagen is Nyhavn (New Harbor). This is a popular place for artists, photographers, writers, journalists, and tourists. The largest city square is called Kongens-Nyutorv (New Royal Square). There are many attractions here such as the Academy of Fine Arts with the exhibition halls located in Sharlottenborg, the former royal residence. Of special interest is the Royal Theatre, founded in 1722. The Parliament of Denmark sits in the palace of Christiansborg right next to the National Library, the Royal Arsenal Museum with numerous collections of antique clothing, carriages and firearms. The National Museum and Art Gallery Glipoteka are located in the vicinity of the Nyhavn Canal. Town Hall Square is considered the center of Copenhagen. This city also has a unique zoo with two thousand species of animals.

Statue of Little Mermaid.

The port promenade will lead the tourists to the famous Little Mermaid statue. Alborge has quite a few interesting things to see, including the largest burial place of Vikings, a cathedral, a monastery and a beautiful castle. Some buildings date back to the Renaissance times. Aarhus, Esberg and Fano are rich in historical sites and have many beautiful beaches. Odense is known as the birthplace of the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. Every year in July and August the city welcomes festivals honoring his name.

The island of Zealand is considered the business center of Denmark. Still, it has some beautiful beaches, lakes, and, of course, the royal palaces. In Elsinore one can see the old Kronbeorg fortress - the most impressive building in Scandinavia and the host to Shakespeare's Hamlet. The castle of Frederiksborg, the same as the huge Kronbeorg, hosts the National History Museum.

Denmark: Zealand.

The 12th century cathedral in Roskilde is definitely worth seeing since it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cathedral is the resting place of 20 kings and 17 queens with many of their relatives. A Viking Ship Museum also located here. The summer residence of the royal family - majestic Fredensborg castle – is located on Lake Esrum.

Denmark: Fyn Island. Image source

Denmark is the country of 700+ museums, several dozens of which are located in Copenhagen. Tourists will totally enjoy going to the Museum of Carriages, the Theatre History Museum, the Round Tower and the Museum of Labor. The island of Fyn, which is called the "Garden of Denmark", is an open-air museum itself: its 124 castles are open to visitors and there are hundreds of beautiful old villages.

Many of these medieval castles and estates are still inhabited and simply prove that Danes are a unique nation of warm, friendly and fun people, who would welcome curios travelers and make them feel at home.

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