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Museums in luxor luxor museum &the mummification museum (chosen antiquities

early pick up from your hotel to the The museum which was opened in 1975 and contains a modest collection of the highest quality artworks dating from early Periods right through to the Islamic era. The modern building is extremely spacious with plenty of room to move around and view beautifully displayed objects and sculpture in peaceful low-lit surroundings. new annex has now been completed and this spacious addition houses many artifacts new to the museum, as well as some of the artworks from the original galleries. The main section of the extension has a military theme an is partly devoted to Egypt's glorious empire then continue tour to visit the mummification museum In glass cases inside the museum, many artifacts associated with the process are displayed with detailed descriptions of their use, including model funerary boats, amulets, wooden statuettes and a fine set of canopic jars. There are also animal mummies (crocodile, cat and ram )the museum opened in May 1997 is the first in the world

luxor museum

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