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karnak & luxor temples

exploring the East Bank of Luxor to see two of the most impressive temples in Upper Egypt - Karnak and Luxor. Start your day with a visit to the Temples of Karnak. Walk along the Avenue of Sphinx to enter the complex as I will explain how the massive facade was constructed. you will see each legacy left by the various pharaohs as the complex grew even larger. The deeper you go into the complex, the further back in time you will travel, with the oldest ruins dating back over 3, 000 years. Walking through the Great Court into the Great Hypostyle Hall, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by the 134 columns towering above you like an ancient forest. Luxor Temple has survived Nile floods, foreign invasion and thousands of years exposed to the elements. A pure Egyptian temple. Find out how Alexander the Great wrote himself into Luxor Temple history, an see one of the original pair of obelisk, , the second of which now stands on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. This is a private tour only for u

Luxor Temple-Luxor-Egypt

pick up in the early morning from you hotel to Visit the great temple of Karnak or Ipet Sut 'the most hallowed of places' dedicated to the god Amun-Re, creator of the universe. After a rest stop at the Sacred Lake, your tour continues with a visit to the other great Temple of Luxor, once linked to Karnak and originally built as a summer palace for the god Amun. Both these extensive complexes comprise the largest Open Air Museum in the world, with their great columns, chapels, halls and courtyards. after that I will take you back to the hotel

Luxor Temple-Luxor-Egypt

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