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Abu Simbel ,Aswan( philae temple,high dam) &Edfu,komombo,2 full days trip


The tour will start from your hotel

*Driving towards Edfu city enjoying on the way the view of cultivated lands and the river Nile.

*Continue your tour to visit kom ombo temple,

*break in aswan for refreshments & lunch ( option )

*continue your visit to the temple of philae( we will take a motor boat to the island )

* visit the high dam & point at the old dam

* check in the hotel (3 stars )

* walk around aswan markets in the evening ( if you got energy )


*wake up call at 3 in the morning -coffee or tea in the lobby - don't forget your breakfast box

*convoy to abusimbel at 4 in the morning( 3 hours drive )

* visit the temple ( the most awes am inspiring), with its gigantic rock-cut façade, was created to revere the mighty ruler Ramses II. Guarding the entrance to the temple, the 4 colossal statues of Ramses II sit majestically staring out across the desert, seemingly since time began.

*back to aswan & short break for lunch & drinks ( option )

*back to luxor or drop you off in aswan ( option)


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