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Half day Trip to Dendera Temple

pick up in the morning from your hotel by A/C coach to dendera which is about 60 km from luxor . The main temple at Dendera is the grandest and most elaborately decorated of its period. It is also one of the most important temple sites of Egypt, providing examples of a rich variety of later temple features. It is also one of the best preserved temples of this period, surviving despite the destruction of the temples of Hathor's consort Horus and their child Ihy or Harsomtus which originally stood close by. The back of the temple has an illustration of Cleopatra and her son Caesarion, her son with Caesar. It has become quite famous, both because it is one of few illustrations we have of a woman whose charm and intelligence made her unusually powerful and famous for all times.

But was she beautiful? I will show you the image on the rear end of the temple to see her & decide by yourself


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