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Travel Agencies in Uzbekistan

Last updated: 14 Mar 2017

Night View of Tashkent
Tripcook Uzbekistan Travel Agency invites you to explore the amazing destination Uzbekistan and its ancient cities Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Fergana, Termez and Nukus.

With our travel agency, you can design and easily implement all aspects of a successful trip: book and purchase air tickets or other transport modalities to reach Uzbekistan and Central Asia; have your entry visa properly furnished and issued at the place which would be most convenient for the client; book best hotels serving any cost expectations, from budget-oriented cozy 2-3 star private boutique hotels to large world-renown chains such as Hyatt, Windham, Lotto etc.; prepare a custom-made itinerary based on your needs and interests, such as cultural or architecture tours, history and ethnic, adventure and activity tours in the various landscapes that Uzbekistan boasts; and finally, perfectly organized tourism transportation with experienced drivers and tour guides.

If you decide to contact our travel company, you can expect a prompt answer and immediate attention to every detail of your future trip. We will select the best service supplier and tour price from our extensive directory of local Uzbek travel companies and agents, and will prepare a proposal/quotation that would best serve your needs.
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Travel products and services for Uzbekistan

23 Dec 2016
Tour in Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Bukhara
The tour operator Aba Sayyoh organizes travel to Uzbekistan and its ancient cities Samarkand and Bukhara. It can be an individual or custom-made tour designed to take into account...
23 Dec 2016
Tour in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan
Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and, probably, the largest city in Central Asia. It is a major financial, political and economic center, and an important hub for tourists arriving...
23 Dec 2016
Air flights to Uzbekistan and Central Asia
With Aba Sayyoh, you can reserve and buy air tickets for flights of Uzbekistan Airways (Uzbek Khavo Yullari) both locally and internationally. We highly advise to reach one of...
17 May 2016
Tour in Khiva, Uzbekistan
Khiva is an ancient city in Uzbekistan, a capital of the Khorezmian Kingdom, and a great place to visit while you are doing your travel in Uzbekistan. Currently, it is...
17 May 2016
Visa to Uzbekistan
If you plan to visit Uzbekistan as a tourist, see our Visa to Uzbekistan page to learn about visa procedures, Letter of Invitation (LOI), required procedures and timing. ...
29 Jan 2016
Hiking and village experience tour in Uzbekistan
Seven days hiking and village experience tour If you have seen too many mosques and madrassas during your holidays in Uzbekistan and would like to have some difference in...
29 Jan 2016
Eleven days cultural tour to Uzbekistan
Eleven day cultural tour to Uzbekistan Explore the ancient Silk Road cities Samarkand, Bukhara and Kiva with this eleven days cultural tour to Uzbekistan. These legendary cities...
29 Jan 2016
Village tour to asraf
Village tour to Asraf, Nuratau Mountains This two days trip to Uzbek countryside gives you great chance to get to know the daily livelihood activities of people living in...
29 Jan 2016
Yurt camping and camel riding tour
Two days Yurt camping and camel riding tour Explore the ancient sights from the time of Alexander Great in Nurata city. Stay in the Yurt camp and explore...
29 Jan 2016
Hiking tour around Asraf and Sentob villages, Uzbekistan
Five days hing tour around Asraf and Sentob villages Enjoy the less rigid schedule if have been through a very intense cultural program and become a part of the...

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Traditional fabrics occupy a special place among popular tourist attractions of Uzbekistan.Uzbek fabrics are notable for their unique patterns formed either by alternating color stripes or by iridescent free design. Amazingly beautiful national fabrics and traditional clothes are in high demand among tourists and guests of our country.
What do you need to know about Uzbekistan
Dear friendThese are some useful information which you better know before arrival and in Uzbekistan.USEFUL NUMBERSPlease note, that on most numbers you should speak Uzbek or Russian languages. Militsia (Police) 02 (from cell phone dial *02)
Do you want to travel on the Silk Road ?
Uzbekistan one of the two double landlocked countries in the World. In old times, this area was called Mawara'unnahr in old Uzbek language, which means 'a land between two rivers'
Travel Agencies in Uzbekistan
To travel Uzbekistan, you might need an advice from an experienced travel professional. You can contact a reliable travel agency in Uzbekistan and get a qualified assistance in preparing your tour.
Show me your tyubeteika…
Show me your tyubeteika (an embroidered skullcap) and I will say… where you are from, how rich you are, whether there is a joy or sorrow at home… In the East the tyubeteika can say much to the initiated. Let’s share with you some secrets of numerous patterns of this, at first sight, an ordinary and habitual details of oriental wardrobe.

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