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Travel Company Rating (TCR)

1. What is TCR

Travel Company Rating is the main tool to assess the quality of a travel company. The rating is the major factor that tells Tripcook's visitors that it is a trustworthy, reliable and attractive company. The rating defines how well the travel company is listed on Tripcook. See more about Rating benefits for travel companies.

2. How rating is assigned

In order to assign Travel Company Rating, Tripcook has developed the Travel Rating Questionnaire. It is a tool to help travel companies check compliance with standard quality requirements via a set of questions covering various aspects of travel and promotional activities in the company. By answering these, travel companies earn points. Then, Tripcook Team reviews the results of the Questionnaire, and sees to what extent the provided information is true.

Currently, the following aspects of travel and promotion activities are covered:

Online visibility
The web presence of a travel company is assessed based on the following general criteria: SEO factors, listing in major online resources and directories, website usability, user-friendliness, and freshness of information, online credibility, resposiveness and whether it is easy to contact the travel company.

Offline visibility
These are indicators that reflect the activities and aspects of the Travel Company beyond its Internet presence. These may include answering such questions as whether the travel company can be reached using the publicly available contact information; if printed materials, such as booklets, brochures etc. are available; popularity of the TC in various off-line business and travel industry directories and publications; and preparedness of the TC to share various types of information, including legal, geographical, business and other aspects.

Client operations
These include an assessment of internal corporate procedures and rules to deal with the clients and customers, starting from the very first moment the client has submitted a travel request, to further correspondence and client interaction process, and collection of feedback when the service or product has been delivered.

Client or third party reviews
These factors include any reviews, opinions and comments from independent sources that can be found on the web or in offline printed materials.

You can start completing the Travel Rating Questionnaire from your Account on Tripcook.

3. Rating Levels and Visual Representation

The four rating levels are shown on Tripcook's pages as round stars or the Rating Widget. See the table below for more information.

3 stars
Superior Rating - This is a top rated company, most recommended to be used for the destination. High standards, responsiveness, reliability, and transparency.

Assigned to Travel Companies that have filled out the Travel Rating Questionnaire and earned over 75 points total.

2 stars
Advanced Rating - This is a good quality travel services provider, with a good proven record, positive client reviews and transparent internal procedures.
Assigned to Travel Companies that have filled out the Travel Rating Questionnaire and earned from 51 to 75 points total.

1 star
Standard Rating - This is a travel company that complies with Tripcook's minimal travel industry requirements. It has sufficient tools and corporate procedures in place to provide quality travel services or products.
Assigned to Travel Companies that have filled out the Travel Rating Questionnaire and earned at least 50 points.

no stars
This is a travel company that is listed on Tripcook and has no rating. Its credibility, effectiveness, reviews and records have not been checked. Tripcook cannot make any recommendations to use this company as your travel provider.

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