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Travel Specialist Rating (TSR)

Travel Specialist Rating is the main tool to assess the quality of a Travel Specialist. It is based on a set of indicators, which can be roughly divided into three main categories:

1. Online indicators

These are indicators related to the web presence of the travel entity. It is assumed that a high quality travel specialist MUST have a web presence, be it a website of its own, or a blog.

The web presence of a TS is assessed based on the following general criteria: SEO factors, listing in major online resources and directories, website usability, user-friendliness, and freshness of information, online credibility, resposiveness and whether it is easy to contact the TS.

2. Offline indicators

These are indicators that reflect the activities and aspects of the Travel Specialist beyond its Internet presence. These may include answering such questions as whether the TS can be reached using the publicly available contact information; if printed materials, such as booklets, brochures etc. are available; popularity of the TS in various off-line business and travel industry directories and publications; and preparedness of the TS to share various types of information, including legal, geographical, business and other aspects. Also, offline indicators may include an assessment of the scope, quallity and comprehensiveness of travel services provided by the TS.

3. Third Party Reviews

These factors include any reviews, opinions and comments from independent sources that can be found on the web or in offline printed materials.

Rating Calculation

The positive rating is defined as a number from 21 to 100. Ranges 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 and 81-100 are used to assign a Tripcook's proprietary rating, in red stars, from 2 to 5. Positive ratings can be 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars. There is also a negative rating, -1, which is used to define scam.

Companies not yet rated by Tripcook have no red stars or rating assigned to them.

5 stars
This is an excellent company, most recommended to be used for the destination. High standards, responsiveness, reliability, and transparency. Most recommended.
4 stars
This is a good quality travel services provider, with a good proven record, positive client reviews and transparent internal procedures.
3 stars
This is a medium-quality company, with 50/50 for strengths and weaknesses with regard to quality standards. It can be used as a travel services provider, but it is recommended to search among other travel companies for better service.
2 stars
This is a lower quality service provider; a combination of subjective factors, such as client's opinions, and objective ones, makes it problematic to rely on this company while preparing your trip. Still, it is a legitimate travel specialist, whose rating can improve over time.
0 stars
This company or individual has not been rated by Tripcook.
black hole
This company or individual is known to be a scam. Stay away unless you are ok with losing your money or having the worst travel experience.

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