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Benefits of Travel Company Rating (TCR)

Travel Company Rating is a great tool to achieve the following goals:

1. Increase your online visibility

Your company profile will rank high in search engine results. People, who want to use your company as a travel service provider, will also want to learn more about you, your background, staff, services, etc. All this information is readily available within your company profile at TripCook. With a good or excellent TC rating you can be sure that visitors are more easily converted into paying customers.

Also, your profile will rank high in the Tripcook list.
For example, see here: Tour operators in Uzbekistan

2. Increase your credibility

There are hundreds of travel companies serving the same area, city or country. Some of them are trusted and reputable agents, some are not. How a visitor would know the difference? For that a prospective customer must undertake a time-consuming research of your website, read online client reviews, compare testimonials, etc. A prospective customer will have to look up your company name at various forums, blogs, and read occasional travel reviews. Chances are good that your Tripcook travel profile will pop up as well. At this moment, a good travel rating from Tripcook may be a decisive factor persuading the client that your company is the best!

3. Improve your website's performance

With our Rating Widget placed on your website, a visitor can see immediately that your company has a good rating assigned by an independent rating organization which means you are a trusted and reliable travel service provider. In just one click the visitor will see information that may be missing on your competitors' websites, such as independent and verified customer reviews, names of tour guides, corporate history and many other unique and helpful pieces of information.

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