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Hungarian Folklore Performances

In Hungary, folk dancing is truly an art form, with a college specializing in fostering young talent. The country's folk dance and music ensembles aim to preserve traditional dance, music and costume culture while giving the public the opportunity to have a look inside the traditions and folk culture of the country. These highly trained artists put on a colorful and exciting show no visit to Hungary can be complete without.

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Danube Folk Ensemble and Hungaria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra are three of the best professional Hungarian folk ensembles with the longest tradition (formed in 1951, 1957, and 1952), besides being highly regarded in their home country they are famous abroad as well.

All the three of the ensembles consist of 30 artists. Their choreography is based on authentic dances, some of which were collected in isolated villages and date back hundreds of years. These performances give attendees a broad view of the music, dance and costume heritage of Hungary and the Hungarian inhabited areas.

Concerts begin at 20.00, and consists of two parts, 40-45 minutes each, plus an intermission. They are held in the Danube Palace or the Budai Vigado (Hungarian Heritage House).

A little more about the ensembles:

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

The State Folk Ensemble is one of Hungary's most famous groups working to preserve folk culture. Founded in 1951, their goal was to study the traditional culture, art and customs of Hungary and the areas where Hungarian communities live and to translate this culture for audiences in a highly artistic way. 34 dancers, a 14 member Gypsy orchestra and a 5 member small orchestra perform the collected authentic dance material and folk music.

Hungaria Folk Ensemble

This unique formation was founded in 1952 by young Gypsy musicians. Their repertoire dates back to the traditions of the old musician dynasties. The members of the ensemble are trained in a unique way that places the emphasis on preserving their natural talent. The 60 member group is most famous for their Hungarian folk dance performances, but they are just as successful performing operettas, ballets and contemporary dances. The Hungaria Folk-dance Ensemble and the Hungaria Gypsy Orchestra often take the stage together. Their spectacular performances have been captivating audiences at home and abroad for decades.

Danube Folk Ensemble

One of the most highly regarded and authentic presenters of Hungarian dance culture, the Danube Folk Ensemble was founded in 1957. The 30 dancers and 7 members of the orchestra work to faithfully interpret traditional Hungarian culture in a dynamic and contemporary way. They perform over a 100 times a year and during the high season, on a weekly basis at the Danube Palace.

This short video compilation represents how the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Danube Folk Ensemble and the Hungбria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra perform on stage:


In the Danube Palace (1051 Zrinyi Street 5.):

November: 2. 9. 16. 23. 30.

December: 7. 26. 28. 29.

In the Budai Vigadу (1011 Corvin Square 8):

October: 31.

Dates and venues are subject to change, we wil notify you via email of any changes.

Cat. 1 Cat. 2 Cat. 3

Adult 6200 HUF - 22,29€ 5400 HUF - 19,50€ 3600 HUF - 13€

Student 5600 HUF - 20,43€ 4900 HUF - 17,64€ 3300 HUF - 12,07€

Hungaria Folk Orchestra

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