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Danube Symphony Concert with Cimbalom

Mozart, Liszt or Gershwin performed by a symphony orchestra accompanied by the traditional Hungarian cimbalom (hammer dulcimer)?

Outside Hungary it sounds unusual to include a typical Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom to perform with a symphony orchestra, but in Hungary the beauty of this instrumental combination has been known since the 19th century. Join us for an unforgettable musical travel б la hongroise through the most beautiful classical melodies ever.

The Danube Symphony Orchestra was formed in 1961. And since then they have given many performances both in Hungary and abroad. Their repertoire covers almost every musical style from the Baroque music to music of the 20th century. They perform the most famous classical melodies combined with typical Hungarian instrument, the Cimbalom (Hammer Dulcimer). It is a unique opportunity to hear the most popular masterpieces of classical music interpreted by cimbalom and symphonic orchestra in a virtuous way which can be enjoyed only in Hungary.

Besides their permanent conductor Andrбs Deбk, they are often conducted by other Hungarian and foreign conductors. They have given performances in Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.

The program of the concert and the orchestra is expanded with a world-known typical Hungarian instrument Cimbalom (concert hammer dulcimer). This instrument is played primarily with beaters. It is equipped with a heavy frame for more dynamic power and many added string courses for an extended range of sounds and a damper pedal to allow more dynamic control.

With the instrumental combination of the cimbalom and a symphonic orchestra you can enjoy the most famous classical melodies in impressive Hungarian style.

Prorgram 2013

Berlioz: Rбkуczi March

Erkel: Palotбs from the opera

“Lбszlу Hunyadi”

Delibes: Coppelia – Tschardas

Bartуk: Romanian folk dances

Haydn: Farewell Symphony IV. movement

Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.

Kбlmбn: Devil-rider – Palotбs

Lehбr: Gold and Silver Waltz

Liszt: Love dreams

Folk-song adaptation: Under the mountains of Csitбr

Kodбly: Intermezzo

Monti: Csбrdбs

Strauss: Long live the Hungarians!

Strauss: Radetzky March

Cimbalom player:

Gergely Olбh

The Danube Symphony Orchestra is

conducted by


Symphony concert dates


December: 25. 27. 30.

Symphony concert prices

Cat. 1 Cat. 2 Cat. 3

Adult 8100 HUF - 28,92€ 7200 HUF - 25,72€ 6400 HUF - 22,88€

Student 7200 HUF - 25,72€ 6400 HUF - 22,88€ 5400 HUF - 20,01€

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