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Frequently Asked Questions

Listing on Tripcook How to add my travel business to Tripcook?
Ratings and Reviews How and why should I get a Travel Rating?
Legal Questions Where is the source of your data?

Listing FAQs

Question: I want to add my travel company or individual to Tripcook. Is it free? Are there any charges if someone books my services through Tripcook?

Answer: Listing on Tripcook is free. There are, however, additional services that greatly increase the impact from the listing. Such services may be available to Advanced or Privileged Members. (see Membership Types).

There is no charge when Tripcook's visitors are directed to your website. Customers looking for reputable travel companies on Tripcook will be able to see your company profile and send you booking requests directly. We are not involved in any transactions between customers and travel companies and we charge no commissions.

Question: I found my company on Tripcook though I never added it. How and why?

Answer: The team of editors on Tripcook constantly works to improve our visitors experience and supply them with fresh information about travel companies worldwide. Your travel business could have been listed through this process. You can get control of the existing company profile to add/modify information using the Listing Transfer process. It is simple and free-of-charge.

Question: Why is my company listed below other companies in the category? Can I get on top of the listing?

Answer: Tripcook uses its own ShowRank technology to rank company profiles. The ShowRank is calculated based on many factors, including Membership type, profile completeness, availability of travel products, and visitor reviews. You can leapfrog competition by becoming a paid member, making your company profile as complete and thorough as possible, and adding more travel products.

Rating FAQs

Question: I want a Travel Company Rating. Is it free?

Answer: It can be free or paid. A free Travel Company Rating (TCR) is assigned at the discretion of the Tripcook editors to certain travel companies that are commonly considered as being an exceptional value to the travelers. Generally, in order to obtain the rating, you need to complete our Travel Rating Questionnaire and pay the Annual Rating Fee (see more informaton on How to Get Travel Rating).

Legal FAQs

Question: I found my travel company listed on Tripcook, but I did not request it. Are you sure you can do that?

Answer: Company profiles listed on Tripcook come from two different sources. Most are registered users and companies, and they modify their own profiles. Other company profiles listed on Tripcook have been added by our development team and the data was obtained from open public sources. These may include search engines, web directories, travel websites, guidebooks, and other publicly available sources of information which are not subject to legal protection or confidentiality clauses. By using publicly available information we do not infringe any privacy rights, and we are not obligated to seek permission to publish such data on our website.

Question: I want my company listing removed from Tripcook. What should I do?

Answer: Tripcook has been created for travel consumers as we believe that people deserve fair and unbiased travel advice and are interested in sharing their opinions on the quality of services or products provided. Tripcook believes that travelers have the right to obtain as much information about existing travel providers globally as possible, and customers are genuinely interested in avoiding poor service, mistreatment or fraud. Tripcook believes that removal of a legitimate company/listing from the website will deprive our visitors of valuable consumer information. We will remove your listing if you provide a good explanation why you would want this and we will do that at our own discretion only.

Please contact us and list your reasons why you are not ready to share information about your travel business with consumers.

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