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Ecoturismo e Cultura, Joao Pessoa, Brazil Individual Tour Guides in Brazil

Tour in Paraiba: cultural and gastronomic tour

Tourist itineraries and attractions in Paraiba: The Brejo region...

Travel information: Cultural and Gastronomical Tourism in Brejo

The old architecture of houses and churches, artisanal sugarcane mills, the traditional gastronomy, the rich culture and lush vegetation are the strong points of this charming visit. The Brejo contains nearly 300 active mills that recall the history of the sugar civilization.

You will encouter here:

1.- Photos of cities: Alagoa Grande, Areia and Bananeiras

Areia city

Bananeiras city

2.- Images Cachaça Mills

Cachaça mill

3.- The Memorial Frei Damião

Memorial Frei Damião

4.- The Snoorer Waterfall

Cachoeira do Roncador (Snoorer Waterfall)

You are bresilian? This is for you ;-) Passeios na Paraiba

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