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What is Banner Advertising on Tripcook

Tripcook offers a way to showcase your travel business and attract target audience: large image banners linked to your company pages and located on top of every page on Tripcook. This allows to combine targeted audience, low costs and high marketing value and makes this a nice marketing tools for travel organizations.

Who is eligible

Every registered member on Tripcook who has an approved travel business profile (travel listing) and appropriate membership level, see more at Membership.

Where and how banners are located

The banners are shown on the top upper bar of every Tripcook page provided that it has been activated in the Account. Unlike other banner systems where banner owners would pay for banner displays or clicks, Tripcook's banners are not charged in such a way. Every paid Member can publish a banner and have this banner on the top of Tripcook as long as his/her Membership lasts.

Frequency and rotation

Member banners are shown on Tripcook with a probability of 0.3. That means that every 30 of 100 page views will display a banner created by a Member *.

Note: Tripcook, at its own discretion, has the right to use the top banner space for its important announcements and banners.

Every member at any time may put his banner on top of the display queue (this is done in the Account). This means that his/her banner is then displayed, other banners will go down the queue. At any other moment, another Member may put his banner on top, then the previous banner will go down the queue.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of the owner/member to keep his/her banner on the top.

Other conditions

Tripcook strives to improve the user experience on our website and reserves the right to remove any advertisement which is deemed annoying and/or harmful to our visitors at any time.

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