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Benefits of listing your travel business on Tripcook

Travel businesses (companies and individuals) create listing on Tripcook to:

1. Create an online channel for customers

Listing your company with all contact details, description of your activities, tours and services will create a channel through which your company will be massively advertised to potential clients and travelers.

2. Receive travel requests

Thousands of travelers visit Tripcook daily. Many of them use its system of Travel Requests to send an enquiry to individual travel companies or clusters of companies serving a certain country. For a travel company, this tool means that it will start receiving well-structured travel enquiries from our audience.

3. Collect travel reviews

Tripcook has a built-in system allowing travelers to write reviews/comments/opinions about any listed travel company. This is a great way to collect best testimonials about your travel business.

4. Publish travel products

With a listed company profile, you can start advertise your travel products or services online immediately. These can include your tours, excursions, car rentals, hotels or other types of accommodation. In general, the tour products cover ANY activity related to the tourism sector and provided by your company.

5. Publish travel articles

This is a great tool to promote your website content with relevant links. Write travel articles about your destination, sights or particular activities, and insert links to the sections on your website.

6. Go social with your travel profile

Attract visitors, followers, likes and shares through the vast presence of Tripcook in social media - Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and many others.

This is a great opportunity to promote your website content across target audience Tripcook has collected in social networks. We have a dedicated team of specialists who will spread the word about your content in the social media.

Tripcook will spread your travel profile in social media
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