If you don’t know o que fazer em Joao Pessoa, one of the main attractions of the city in its bid to boost tourism is the distinction of being the second "greenest" in the world, which is only behind Paris. The distinction is attributed to the fact that it has more than seven square kilometers of forested land. This in fact is quite amazing to think that Joao Pessoa is a modern city.

The Beaches

But the highlight, as everyone who had the luxury to come to the city, is obviously its beaches. It is home to about 135 kilometers of white sand beaches with crystalline waters. The area is also filled with coconut trees coupled with cliffs that form one of the most unique sights in the world. And if you're someone who is looking to enjoy the waters all by yourself and without anyone else around, then this is your perfect getaway. The city is home to so many deserted and unoccupied beaches. All you can see is crystal clear waters and some scattered fishing villages.

If you should start your day the best way possible, you must do it at Camaratuba on the northern coast. This area is popular for its dark waters, where surfers spend most of their time. Just like many of the beaches, it has only a few infrastructures, which means you can get your tan with utmost relaxation and peace.

Next to Barra do Miriri are the beaches along Lucena and the Fort. Next to them is Baia da Traicao, which by the way is renowned for being the only place in the state with a native Indian reserve. So aside from the amazing beaches, part of the city's tourism is the rich culture of the Potiguara Indians, featuring native dancing lessons, teaching of handicraft techniques, and enjoying traditional Indian food.

After enjoying some Indian culture, you're certainly going to look for more here: praias Joao Pessoa (beaches in Joao Pessoa). Good news is your next destination is Mamanguape, another popular beach in the city. But aside from the waters, this area is also quite famous for the Peixe-boi Marinho Project. It is more like a sanctuary where animals are protected but can roam free in the estuary of the River Mamanguape. You also might want to have fun in Lucena, where the people boast the carnival in the main streets of the little town.

But mind you, we're just getting started. In fact, we haven't discussed half of what the city of Joao Pessoa has to offer to tourists and visitors. If you really want to get a totally unique and fun experience at the beach, you'll never get tired swimming here in Joao Pessoa.