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You should visit the Cabo Branco or the White Cape. Cabo Branco is the Easternmost part of America. It has a lighthouse to register the landmark. However after many years, the land erosion bring away land from Cabo Branco and deposit it on Ponta Seixas. Because of that, Ponta Seixa is known as the most Oriental point in Brazil.

Many people come here looking for pontos turisticos de João Pessoa. You should go to Igreja de Sao Francisco because it is one of the most beautiful church in the country. It has a panel in perspective on its ceiling and it is considered the third largest church in the world.

You can also go to Lagoa which is a big park if you want to feel relax. From Tambaba, buses leave from here. Tambaba is a great place where the main beach is found and it has beautiful nightlife scene. You also have the choice to go to Praia de Cabo Branco, Praia da Penha and Tambaba because it is the nudist beach.

Joao Pessoa is known to have a combination of modern style monuments and historical buildings. It has several beaches and lush green surroundings which make the entire city look beautiful. Many people are also attracted to its several islands.

Joao Pessoa has hot and humid temperature in the entire year. It makes the life of the residents easier. The surroundings are cool because of the breeze from the ocean. Aside from that it has two yearly rainfall. The maximum average temperature is about 30 degree Celsius while the minimum is the 22 degree Celsius.

The mapa da Paraiba allow finding education aside from tourism. The University of Paraiba is well-known on the national level which attracts students from around the nation. 5 government run universities and other higher education institutions. They are always in the service for other people who want to develop their knowledge and skills.

Joao Pessoa is filled with all forms of transport facilities for the people. The well-recognized airport Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport has served lots of tourist. It is now developed to provide more services to the tourist.

Even if the airport doesn't extend to any bigger areas, it still provides lots of advantages such as the surrounding areas with empty lands, no tall structures around, great climate for aircraft flying, and no real problem which might serve as hurdle for airplanes. You also see the facility of taxis, buses, and local trains for your service.