The city has lots of hill between a lake and the river. The 7 kilometers to the east are the beaches of Tamba and to the right are the beaches of Cabo Branco and this is where most of the tourist infrastructures are located. In the country, you cannot miss João Pessoa pontos turisticos. In the North, you can have Manaira which is not so attractive and pleasant. The beachfront avenue has lots of names.

You can go to this place by plane. The airport is 25KM away from town. You can take taxi to the city with the price that is negotiable. The bigger airport of Recife is more convenient, particularly for international flights.

You can also go to this place by bus. The long distance bus station of Joao Pessoa is in the center.

You can go to Recife every hour and to Campina Grande you can got there at least once an hour.

You can go to the centre of Joao Pessoa because it is worthy to see the historical building and many of them are being restored.

You can go to the nicest churches in Brazil like the Igreja de Sao Francisco. Its architectural style is a reflection of colonial empires. You can also visit the Ladeira de Sao Francisco where you can see the view of Sanhaua River that is surrounded by lush tropical forest. Down the hill, you will see a small historical museum which is the Casa da Polvora.

Further down is where the Praca Antenor Navarro found which is the best restored group of colonial architecture together with the old Hotel Globo around the corner.

From the railway station, you can see the old main square with its massive old post office, which is the Teatro Santa Rosa and the Policia Militar. On top of the city is the Prive Joao Pessoa with the government building.

You can go to other places like the Tribunal de Justica, Ponto de Cem Reis, Jardim Botanico (Botanic Garden).

There is a lot to visit following this link pontos turisticos em Joao pessoa. The large stretches are deserted and you can walk going to Ponta das Seixas. You can also find many boats that will take you to Picaozinho where you can see reefs that is good for snorkeling. In the boats, drinks and foods are sold.