One of the greenest city in the South America is the Joao Pessoa because of its reserve native plant like with natural parks. Its Botanical Garden is the second largest Atlantic Forest in the Brazil. Joao Pessoa is popular for being peaceful, safe, and clean with beautiful gardens.

You will also be able to see the delta where the river flows to the ocean, beaches with beautiful hills as the background, indigenous reserves, monuments, and environment ventures like the protection of Turtles.

In the northern area of the city, you will see lots of natural attractions and attractive sand bank that you can see at low tide. You will also appreciate the beautiful sunset on Jacare beach which is a very romantic place where you may enjoy passeios em João Pessoa.

In the South, you can see the Costa das Piscinas with beautiful beaches such as the Tambaba which is the only nudist beach in Brazil. The unique area is divided in two separate place through natural divisions which are the family-oriented tourism beach where you are not allowed to be nude and the reserved place where you should be in nude. There are many bars along the beach during the afternoon. You will be stunned when you witness how beautiful the region is.

Make sure that when you are in Tambau Beach, you go to Picaozinho, because this is where you can witness the coral reed particularly during the low tide. If you are in a vacation, you will love the experience when you see this natural phenomenon.

There exist mapa de João Pessoa which allow tourists to enjoy the coast all day long. They are surrounded with paradise-like view. They feel relax in the afternoon and witness the vibrant attraction during nighttime.

You can also go to Campina Grande because it becomes popular every year that happen every June. This event is for the saints in the Northeastern region. This would last the whole month and attract more visitors every year. There are bands which play music every month. The visitors would love to try their delicious traditional dishes. In Campina Grande has prehistoric animals and the Pedra de Itacoatiara which have drawing.