This city is known to be the second greenest in the world. This comes with 7 square kilometers of land with forests which is just next to Paris in France. This city is well-known for its juxtaposition of the modern architecture, tropical beaches and also the historic buildings of the colonial periods. It is because of these things that many tourists come to visit Joao Pessoa.

Joao Pessoa is actually the home of 19th as well as 20th century Brazilian poets as well as writers. Also, this is one of the things which makes the place quite attractive to many tourists. When it comes to the economy of Joao Pessoa, one of the major economic activities come from João Pessoa turismo. Other activities that contributed to its flourishing economy include metalworking, food, construction and also other industries.

When you are interested about traveling in this city of Brazil, then you can surely bring your kids with you because there are lots of attractions that they will be able to see. There are so many parks where you will be able to visit with the kids. In one of the popular parks, you will be able to see many acacias and palm trees. This is what makes the place very exciting and you can surely spend great time with your family here. You can also visit the zoo, the leisure areas and also a botanical garden in one of the parks.

However, when you are fond of cultural histories and activities, then there are lots of museums that you will be able to visit. You will also get to see a permanent exhibition of religious arts. Moreover, you will be able to see different craft and contemporary art exhibitions too. During passeios em João Pessoa, you can see a museum with manuscripts, letters and over 4000 volumes of books and also personal objects that belong to a famous paraibano writer, then you will be able to find such museum too.

However, if you just want to be under the sun, then you can enjoy the tropical beaches. Here, there are so many water activities that you can also do with the entire family. You can surely get lots of time to have fun in the water. You will enjoy the atmosphere that it gives you if you are interested about experiencing a tropical vacation. To ensure that you won’t be missing the fantastic places that you should visit in this city, then you have to plan your vacation well.