Since you'll be sulking in the warm weather, make it a point that you have packed lots of light shirts and shorts. After few minutes, it's very likely that you'll want to change your clothes to a more comfortable one. And because it could get a bit chilly at night, packing some jeans and cozy jackets will be ideal just in case.

If you are planning to hit the beach, then don't forget to bring some appropriate swimwear. You might like to pack a couple sets of trunks or swimsuits so you do not miss out a refreshing dip while the outfit you've worn is still drying. When it comes to your shoes, make sure that you bring a pair of sandals or flip-flops for hitting the beach and additionally, a pair of comfortable tennis shoes which makes perfect for walking.

Beach Essentials

If you don’t know o que fazer em Joao Pessoa especially in its beaches, try lying in the beach under the sun but don’t forget to bring sunscreens for it is one thing that must never be forgotten to your beach essentials. Without proper sun protection, it can be brutal on your skin. It can be quite an embarrassment if you need to walk around with sunburn set as a reminder of your trip.

In addition to a quality sunscreen, bringing a pair of sunglasses and beach towels will be preferable as well. As much as possible, you want your vacation to be filled with lots of great memories so do not forget to bring your camera. If you will be laying out on the sands, then you might want to bring some of your electronics to make the time more enjoyable.


If you're going to praias de Tambaba, you may as well want to take your passport. Sure, you're not travelling to a different country but it is always a smart move to take it with you. Who knows, you may encounter an irresistible deal like a cruise or whatsoever that's too good to pass up. Aside from that, consider to pack a raincoat or umbrella as there are times where sudden change in weather may heat beaches as well.

Always keep these things in mind when going to beaches to make sure that you will have a very unforgettable experience.